Envision Day Classes

Envision Day Classes are available to all students at enrolled CCA. We offer introductory classes through advanced coursework in Cinema, Dance, Digital/Fine Arts, Theater, and Vocal and Instrumental Music.


Enrollment Process

Counselors will assist with the enrollment process once the HS selection window has closed at the beginning of February. Students enroll for a full year (8 classes/2 terms) at one time. Check out the COURSE PROFILES to find out about the scope of the class, the expected amount of homework, and other class information. The Envision faculty recommend taking courses in a specific sequence to ensure students' maximum success and enjoyment of the class. Check out the recommended COURSE PROGRESSIONS.

Audition/Application Based Day Classes

Many Envision courses are open, but there are several that are audition-based. Audition information is specific to each course and you are encouraged to speak with the Program Coordinator for your arts discipline for the most specific information about the audition time-line and audition preparation.

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