Envision Conservatory

The Envision Conservatory is open to CCA students in grades 10-12 who are interested in pursuing a degree or career in their chosen arts field, or are just extremely passionate about their art. While this is a three level program, students may apply or re-apply in grades 11 and 12 as well.

Program Requirements

  • Conservatory students must also be enrolled in an Envision Day Class concurrent with their Conservatory enrollment
  • Conservatory students are expected to volunteer at 2 Envision events each Conservatory year.
  • Conservatory students will participate in Projects. Projects is a crash course in interdisciplinary collaboration and creativity. The presentation of student work is open to the public at the end of this crazy experience!
  • Attendance to all Conservatory classes is mandatory. Please schedule appointments outside of Conservatory time. Sports conflicts are not acceptable absences. Students are spread too thin between Athletics and Conservatory and it is generally not possible to participate in both at the same time.

The current Conservatory Application is now online.  Click HERE to download your copy.  

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