Envision Dance presents the Senior Thesis project: Revolve

"Revolve," Envision Dance Senior Thesis 2014, will take place June 5th & 6th at 4 & 7 PM. The 5 Conservatory Seniors presenting are: Emily Hreha, Olivia Leitstein, Julia Osteen, Samantha Pejouan, and Darrah Rosin. It is a show not to be missed. Tickets can be purchased on the Envision website, and the show will take place in CCA's Proscenium Theater.


Across the Universe

Tickets are selling fast! Don't miss this ALL ENVISION collaboration. There are special events planned for the Friday CCA Gala performance. Tickets for Friday can be purchased HERE. Saturday's performance of just the Across the Universe show is selling out fast-get your tickets for Saturday's show HERE.

Envision Cinema Students Win Again!
Check out this great article in the Del Mar Times about the Envision Cinema program and their recent Encinitas Film Festival wins HERE.
Congratulations to the CCA Jazz Combos
Three CCA Jazz Combos traveled to the Reno Jazz Festival, where two of them placed 2nd and 5th in their division, competing with top ensembles from all over the western US. .

POPPED! is a collaboration between Dance, Bradley Spilken's Pop Culture Class, Rock Band, Jazz Band and Vocal Music. We will dive into the world of pop music as it relates to various decades of humanity. This fun show will take place on April 24th & 25th at 4 & 7 PM, in the Proscenium Theater.

Envision Collaboration in IMAX at NWEAMO
Envision Dance, Vocal Music, Cinema and Instrumental Music collaborate and present their work at the NWEAMO festival on March 23. Student composer, Ozan Berlinguette created music that was then choreographed by the Dance Conservatory students, and filmed and edited by Cinema Conservatory member, Josh Masters. This piece will play in the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa park in their IMAX theater. Read the Union Tribune article about this Festival HERE.
Les Miserables

Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) Envision Theatre is thrilled to present "Les Miserables School Edition", Directed by CCA Envision Theatre Coordinator Amy Blatt. Performed entirely by CCA students from March 21-29th at the CCA Proscenium Theatre. Production team also includes CCA Vocal Musical Director/Conductor-Anne Whattoff, CCA Instrumental Music Coordinator-Amy Villanova, CCA Technical Director/Set Designer-Jeremy Sewell, Costume Coordinator-Janet Pitcher and Stage Manager-CCA Student Beatriz Pereira. 

This epic story recounts the struggle against adversity in 19th century France. Imprisoned for stealing a loaf of bread, petty thief Jean Valjean is released from his 19-year term and not only becomes and honest man, but the mayor of a prosperous town and a loving adoptive father - violating his parole in the process. The relentless Inspector Javert, who makes a decent life for Valjean impossible, consequently pursues him. Only years later, after Valjean proves his mettle during a bloody student uprising and saves the life of a young man hopelessly in love with Valjean’s adopted daughter, does the ex-convict finally feel fully redeemed.


Envision Cinema Goes to Washington
Our CCA film "Technology of CCA-TV" has been selected to be one of the films featured online in the 2014 White House Student Film Festival posted soon at whitehouse.gov/filmfestival, and our film may be highlighted through White Housesocial media channels. More than 2,000 films were submitted. Congrats to CCA Envision Cinema students Brandon Chase, Allan Duan, Richard Duan, and Jason Phillips! .
Body Aloud presents Body Talk

Body Aloud presents Body Talk, a show exploring our struggles to remain healthy in both body and mind in a world that demands so very much of us. Our club, Body Aloud, truly wishes to spread the message that each individual deserves to find true happiness, security, and self-acceptance, while co-existing in a world that often pushes and drains us of vitality, beauty, laughter, and the truly important things in life. Please come and support this beautiful show, directed by Kelsey Williams, President of Body Aloud and Senior at CCA, and Hanna Shokouhi, Co-President of Body Aloud and Senior at CCA. Rayna would like to thank both of these beautiful young women for their hard work and dedication to this project and very important message.

Theology in Motion

Introducing the first ever collaboration between the Envision Dance Conservatory and the Conservatory for the Humanities. Theology in Motion is a symposium on the unifying elements of sacred dance. The Humanities students researched Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Islamic and Polynesian dances in which love was a unifying theme. Humanities then met with the dancers and have been collaborating on the choreography. The choreography is solely the work of these students in their inquiry into religious practice through the elements of dance. Come celebrate Valentine's Day early! Theology in Motion: All you need is love, February 12 and 13 in the Black Box. Both performances are at 7:00 PM. Tickets at the door. $5/$10


Envision Dance presents Visibly Invisible
Visibly Invisible, our All-Envision Dance Show, explores how humans accept, adapt, and embrace challenges and hardships as we journey through this messy, magical thing called life. We are often unaware of what people are going through, as they mask it, or they remain positive and optimistic while enduring their pain. Some challenges are, indeed, Invisible, and some are Visible. How do we cope, and how do we nurture other human beings who may need support and nurturance? How do we grow from the obstacles that are placed in our paths? Visibly Invisible: January 16th & 17th at 4 & 7 PM.
Envision Theater presents "Twelfth Night"

Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) Envision Theatre is thrilled to present William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", Guest Directed by Jason Maddy from February 28 - March 8, 2014 at the CCA Black Box Theatre. The production team also includesJeremy Sewell (CCA Technical Director/Set Designer) and CCA Students Mandy Wirt (Assistant Director) and  Kara Mendez (Stage Manager).

Twelfth Night or What you will is William Shakespeare’s most musical Play and believed to be his final Comedy.  A lifetime of Will Shakespeare’s experimenting with the tools of comedic story telling lead us to Viola’s journey of Loss, Mistaken Identity and Foolery, on the island of Iliyria,  shared with some of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters and complimented by the early music of Billy Joel.


Festival of the Arts-December 7
Falling Snow
The Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) Envision Dance Conservatory will present “Falling Snow” December 11 through December 13, 2013.  Show dates and times are Wednesday, December 11th at 7 pm, Thursday, December 12th at 4 & 7 pm, and Friday, December 13th at 4 & 7 pm

Written by CCA Dance Director, Rayna Stohl, “Falling Snow” is inspired by the classic fairy tale, “Snow White.”  Stohl’s version explores the concepts of beauty, friendship, and love while incorporating the Seven Deadly Sins into the narrative, all told through the art of dance.  
Stohl’s Wicked Queen attempts to age the innocent Snow White by tempting her with the seven sins and showing Snow her own physical flaws.  The story unfolds as the Queen casts various spells on the Dwarves via tainted apples, hoping Snow will be swayed by them. Each of the seven sins (envy, gluttony, greed, pride, lust, sloth, wrath) is represented by a unique color.  To which sins will Snow succumb?  Are there six or seven dwarves?  Are the dwarves the only creatures who are under the spell of the Queen?  The story deviates greatly from the classic, with new characters being introduced and an ending with a twist.  

We hope you enjoy the journey of discovering the characters and piecing together the tale, told through the beauty of dance.

Conservatory Applications are now available

There are different deadlines for the various Conservatories this year, please be aware of YOUR deadline.

Dance Conservatory Applications are DUE Dec. 6-Auditions will be Dec. 17 (Round 2 Auditions will be on May 1) Click HERE for the application

Cinema, Music, Theater and EVA Applications are DUE Dec. 13- Auditions and portfolio reviews will be set up in January. Click HERE for the application

Humanties Conservatory timeline is as follows:

  • Info Meeting 12/12/13 Lunch C 104
  • Info Meeting 1/31/13  Lunch C 104
  • Application Signed 2/7/14
  • Topic Approval 2/21/14
  • Query and Application Due 3/7/14
  • Defense 3/21-27
  • ECH Applicants Chosen 4/4/14
  • Click HERE for the Humanties Conservatory Query
Student receieves top honors at Film Festival
Envision Cinema student, Jason Lee Phillips, receives top honors for his short film "Routines" at the La Costa Film Festival Read the article HERE.
EVA Murals beautify Scripps Hospital's renovation

EVA (envision visual art) conservatory created seven murals of San Diego landmarks to beautify Scripps Encinitas while they undergo construction and celebrate their 50th anniversary. Click HERE to see all seven murals.


Auditions for Les Miserables
Calling all Musical Theater fans-it is time to audition for the spring musical! Prepare 16 bars of a musical theatre song, not from Les Miserables. Please also bring sheet music of your specific cut. No CD or acappella. Please reserve your audition time slot HERE. Please see Ms. Blatt or Ms. Whattoff for any questions.
10th Anniversary Season Passes

Order your Season Pass at the Finance Office or online at the ASB Webstore. This year's performance schedule is one of our best yet, and now you can see ALL the shows for one low price! The non-transferable passes are $99 and are good for one entrance to ALL Envision shows (Music, Theater, Dance, etc) throughout the 2013-2014 season, except for FOTA and the Foundation Gala. The passes are available at the Finance Office, or online at the ASB webstore. Checks should be made out to CCA ASB.

Envision Artist Showcase

Our talented faculty and guest artists will be presenting their work on Tuesday, October 1. Please enjoy this FREE exhibition from all the Envision programs, 6PM in the proscenium theater.

Envision Cinema Students win National Award
The CCA-TV and Envision Cinema Natural High video titled Songwriting featuring CCA singer Emily Ann Laliotis was selected as the 2013 Grand Prize winner of the Natural High Video/Writing Contest. Natural High is a drug abuse prevention organization that helps youth discover, amplify and pursue their natural high so that they have a reason to say no to an artificial high. The organization says a natural high is considered an activity, art form, or sport that you love to do and makes you feel good inside. This is the third time CCA students have won this national contest. Click HERE for the full story and to see the award winning video!.
Conservatory Projects Exhibition
Join us at 6PM in the Procenium Theater on Thursday, Sept. 12 for the Annual Conservatory "Projects" Exhibition. It promises to be a feast for the senses! Conservatory family reception at 5:30 PM. Check out the volunteer request HERE for the reception
CCA-TV and the Envision Cinema program have an exciting opportunity to share in a private screening of one of the year's top reviewed movies, Short Term 12written and directed by our own Envision Cinema Guest Artist Destin Daniel Cretton.  This is Destin's 7th school year working at CCA.  Tickets can be purchased for $20 each from Mr. Raines this Tuesday-Thursay ONLY in G201 at to attend this special CCA screening of the film including a Q&A with Destin at ArcLight LaJolla this Friday at 7pm.  Our screening event is also the film's opening day in San Diego.  Tickets for our private screening will not be available at the door that night.

We have 74 seats to sell in our designated theater, and they will be available on a first come, first serve basis Tuesday-Thursday only.  A portion of the proceeds of this event will help pay for guest artist fees in the Envision Cinema program.  We will also be selling CCA-TV promotional items at the event, including t-shirts, sunglasses, journals, ear bud headphones, and beach towels ranging in price from $5-$15 dollars, so please bring cash or checks if you are interested in supporting the program through purchasing these items.  

We hope you can purchase tickets for this amazing opportunity to help support our program and support one of our own filmmakers.  If you are unable to make our special screening, the film has many other showings also startingFriday at ArcLight LaJolla and Landmark Hillcrest.  Destin is working on campus this week Tuesday-Thursday, so be sure to congratulate him on the success of the film if you see him.  Below is a link to the trailer for the film and some of the praise and reviews for Short Term 12.  As you can see in the attached photo, Destin is also featured on the cover of San Diego City Beat this week.  The lead actress in the film, Brie Larson, was in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World & 21 Jump Street and the lead actor, John Gallagher Jr., is from The Newsroom
Envision Cinema hits LA Film Festivals
One of our films is showing this Saturday at the LA Film Festival, and another one of our Conservatory short films is playing that same day in the Hollywood Chinese theater at the California Student Media Festival, winning a Most Creative award!

Envision Cinema at the Fair

CCA-TV and Envision Cinema has a big presence at the SD County Fair this year. Our program won 10 first place ribbons, 4 second place ribbons, 3 third places, and one best in class award. You can watch our videos playing on a loop in the Student Showcase video theater in the grandstand stage area at the fair any day. Also, this summer, you can watch any CCA-TV episodes you missed this semester and all of the Cinema Conservatory five minute films on our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/ccatelevision or through our website envisioncinema.comParents are invited to sit in on Envision day classes.

Mentality-Senior Dance Theses

June 6 and June 7

Student films to show at National Film Festivals

CCA Film Selected for 2013 LA Film Festival The Envision Cinema Conservatory film ERASING THE LINES, by Alexander Powell, Addy Chan (Class 0f 2012), Richard Liu (Class of 2012), and Jennifer Smart, has been selected to participate in the 19th annual Los Angeles Film Festival, June 13 to 23, 2013. This is the fourth CCA film to be featured in the LA Film Festival in five years. http://www.lafilmfest.com/ You can watch the film here on our CCA-TV YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hoVq6iTdGMw. The film is being invited to participate in the Future Filmmakers Showcase (High School Shorts). Named the #1 film festival in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Film Festival showcases the best of American and international independent cinema and is presented by the Los Angeles Times. Drawing a diverse audience of over 90,000 people, the Festival brings together filmmakers and their films with enthusiastic audiences and film industry professionals. The Festival is presented by Film Independent, a non-profit membership organization dedicated to supporting independent filmmakers and independent film. Film Independent also presents the annual Independent Spirit Awards.

CCA Dance Documentary Selected for Student Film Festival The Envision Cinema film The Echo of Dracula: The Documentary has been designated as an Official Jury Selection for the 2013 Delta Moon Student Film Festival and will be featured at the main public screening event on the evening of Saturday, May 11th. The film was produced in the Fall of 2012 as an Envision Cinema Conservatory project by CCA students Brandon Chase, Allan Duan, Alvin Lin, and Jason Phillips. The documentary follows the Envision Cinema dance production ofThe Echo of Dracula. The film will premiere on the CCA campus on Friday, May 17th at the CCA 7th Annual Student Film Festival. Founded in 2001, the Delta Moon Student Festival is dedicated to showcasing the top works from high school students nationwide. Entries are judged by a panel of industry professionals. The top-rated entries are designated "Official Jury Selection" and are featured at the main event in Walnut Creek, CA. For more information: http://www.deltamoon.org/

Calit2 Appointment
CCA Senior Alex Powell has been selected for the UCSD Career Experience for High School Students Program position at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) Organizers say it was a difficult decision, given that the internship program received an overwhelming number of applicants in a very competitive year, but they believe that Alex's experience and skills are very relevant to the work that they do. The CEHS program aims to engage diverse, talented high school students from around San Diego County to participate in career training and exploration through internships provided by UCSD departments. It is designed to encourage students from diverse backgrounds and interests to become the next generation of the highly trained 21st century workforce. Alex is a member of the Envision Cinema Conservatory program. He plans to attend Emerson College in the fall to study film.
Conservatory Applications are DUE FRIDAY
Conservatory applications for all SEVEN disciplines are due on Friday, May 3, by 3PM in the administration office. Applications can be found by clicking on the APPLY link to the left.
Where the Wild Things Are
Envision Dance presents "Where the Wild Things Are" this week in the Proscenium Theater. Get your tickets today by clicking HERE!
Humanities Conservatory Information

We were thrilled to see such interest in the Humanities Conservatory. Please click on the links below to get more information! Make sure to "Like" us on Facebook to stay up to date with the most current information as well. (Click HERE)


Announcing the HUMANITIES Conservatory

Envision is expanding! The Humanities Conservatory will be added to the Conservatory course offerings for 2013-2014! Please come to an informational meeting on 3/26 at lunch in room C104

Envision Theater presents Avenue Q (School Edition) and Eurydice

Two very exciting and VERY different theater offerings are taking center stage this month. Come support our Theater students as they present the bawdy musical, Avenue Q in the Proscenium Theater, and Eurydice in the Black Box Theater. You can even purchase a package of discounted tickets to both shows

Cinema Students win National Award from C-SPAN

Three CCA Envision Cinema students are honorable mention winners in the national C-SPAN 2013 StudentCam competition. Ari Moutal, Blake Finley, and Emily Wong submitted their Advanced Video/Film project "Bullying: A Threat to Our Nation" to the competition and were notified they won last Wednesday. C-SPAN brought its bus to our campus on Thursday, March 14th to present the students with a check and provide some tours of the bus for a limited time. Allison Don, field rep for Senator Block's office attended to present certificates from Senatory Block and Assemlblyman Maienschein. Click here to watch the winning short film.

Envision Vocal Conservatory Presents:

A Gallery of Gilbert and Sullivan-featuring scenes from the popular operas, "Pirates of Penzance", "The Mikado" and "The Gondoliers". Get your tickets NOW!

CCA Orchestra played Copley Symphony Hall

CCA musicians performed the entire Swan Lake Suite, in collaboration with Chula Vista HS and the Young Artists Symphony this past weekend.

The Echo of Dracula

Envision Dance presents a hauntingly beautiful work-Don't miss these talented artists in their final week! Tickets are available HERE



Envision Festival of the Arts

Join us on Saturday, December 8 from 3-8PM! Music, Dance, Theater, EVA and Cinema take over the arts complex on campus in this annual display of their work. There will be food, entertainment, art for purchase and many surprises-a great family event! Tickets are available online or at the door.

Shakespeare Competition

CCA will be having a Shakespeare Competition for the English-Speaking Union of the United States on December 3rd at 3:15. One winner will compete against other high school students at San Diego's Old Globe Theatre. If you are interested in competing, sign-up with Ms. Hill in the Black Box Theatre and prepare 20 lines from any Shakespeare play or sonnet.Parents are invited to sit in on Envision day classes.

Envision Cinema Conservatory Film to Show at International Skateboard Film Festival
Fractured, a 2012 Canyon Crest Academy Envision Cinema Conservatory film, is one of four short films selected to screen in the Best Short or Web Video category at the 2012 International Skateboard Film Festival. The festival is open to veteran and new filmmakers, and it is held December 6th-7th in downtown Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent Theater. The film was produced in the spring of 2012 by CCA students Blake Johnston, Jesse Ostroff, and Jason Lee Segal as part of the Envision Cinema Conservatory program. Watch the short film at the link below. Watch the Film HERE
Gearing up for TEDxYouth@SanDiego

Envision students across all the disciplines are gearing up for another inspirational installment of TEDxYouth@SanDiego. Check out the phenomenal list of speakers and all things TEDxYouth@SanDiego HERE.

Love's Labour's Lost

Shakespeare takes over the Black Box Theater. Final Shows are this week!

Guest Artist Showcase

Join us for an exhibition put on by the amazing teaching artists that work with our Envision teachers and students. This presentation will include Film, Dance, Theater, Visual Art and Music. Tuesday, October 2 at 6PM in the Proscenium Theater


Film Festival Finalist

CCA Student Alex Powell and an Envision Cinema Conservatory film are nominated in an international water film competition.  The film, Quotient, is one of six finalists for the 2012 Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition.  Powell will attend the event on October 17th at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills where they will screen the videos and announce the winners.  There is a $10,000 grand prize and the $5,000 Audience Choice prize.  For more details: http://www.iuowfilm.com/

Come One, Come All!

Theatre auditions August 30th in the Black Box from 3:15-5:30. Show up prepared to do movement, scene, and group work. Callbacks will be held August 31st in the Black Box from 3:15-5:30

Projects Weekend

The show will go on! Last year's Projects event was thwarted by a mysterious and far reaching power outage! The long awaited event is returning. Students from all Conservatories will work together to create a "Project" based on a theme (to be revealed at the first meeting). They will have approximately 24 hours to complete their project and will present it to YOU! Conservatory. The formal presentation takes place in (and around?) the Proscenium Theater at 6PM on Saturday, Sept. 8. It is FREE!

Details for participating students/parents: Conservatory parents and students will be participating in a Pot Luck dinner at 4:30 on Sat. Conservatory students will be on campus working on their "Projects" from 3:15-8PM on Friday, 9/7 and from 9AM on 9/8 until the presentation is over. Dinner will be ordered for those who want it on Friday, and students should pack snacks and a sack lunch for Saturday-there is no leaving campus during the day on Saturday.

Summer Dance Recap

CCA Dance has been asked for the 3rd year in a row to take part in Solana Beach's Coastal Rail Trail event, Arts Alive. Dance will be presenting a sneak peek of a couple of pieces from the Echo of Dracula, which will be performed at CCA in December. Arts Alive, which is held along the beautiful Highway 101 in the heart of Solana Beach, is happening on October 6th, 2012, from 12-4 pm. Entry is FREE!

Many dancers from CCA took part in various summer workshops and intensives throughout San Diego as well as in different states. The 2nd Annual CCA Summer Dance Workshop was held this past July, with 37 beautiful dancers participating. CCA Dance Conservatory also had a summer performance, held at The Vine in Rancho Bernardo. Parents are invited to sit in on Envision day classes.

Yoga and tie dye fundraiser for a cause!

Please join us as Jackie Bergeron and Julie Ellis host our Yoga and Tie Dye fundraiser for EVA, ENVISION Visual Arts on Saturday, June 2nd from 10am-11:30am on the grass in front of the amphitheater at Canyon Crest Academy. Please bring a yoga mat or a towel and an article of white cotton clothing to tie dye.This fabulous fundraiser is only $15 for a one hour Hatha Vinyasa yoga class with locally-known yoga instructor, Jackie Bergeron and tie dye workshop with artist, Julie Ellis. All proceeds go towards EVA for student art supplies. For further info please contact Jackie Bergeron @ 858.350.0253 ext. 4226 or Julie Ellis @ 858.350.0253 ext. 4221

We Want To Know!
We want YOUR feedback. Current Envision parents and students, we want to know about your Envision experience. Please take a few moments to help us make Envision even better by sharing your opinions and comments via these really important surveys. Just as we provide critique for our students to help them improve their artistry, this feedback will help us shape the future of our program, to keep it relevent and vibrant. Parents and teaching artists, please click HERE. Students, please click HERE. Thank you!!
Hunter Schwartz was a semi-finalist for Outstanding Achievement, Lead Actor in a High School Musical. Alexis Neumann was a semi-finalist for Outstanding Achievement in Musical Theatre, Female Jonathan Edzant was the WINNER for Outstanding Achievement in Musical Theatre, Male Sarah Rose Carr was the WINNER for Outstanding Achievement in Spoken Theatre, Female and Nicolette Burton was named the WINNER of Outstanding Achievement, Lead Actress in a High School Musical. Each winner receives a scholarship and Nicolette will advance to the National High School Musical Theatre Awards in New York City! The competition was extremely tough and CCA made an outstanding showing, with more winners than any other school! Let's congratulate these students on their incredible talent and contribution to theatre arts!!!
EVA Art Show

The EVA showcase will be full of original pieces from talented student artists from Envision's day classes and Conservatory program. The artwork will reflect Canyon Crest Academy's diverse and impressive artistic spirit. The drawings, paintings, sculptures and digital pieces will be available for public viewing from 4-6 PM in the lower admin level of Canyon Crest Academy. First the first time this year, there will be a juried section at EVA. A group of industry professionals will select first, second and third place awards for 2-D, 3-D and digital student works. Students, parents and guests are invited to explore the galleries and are encouraged to attend the annual CCA Film Festival at 7 PM the same evening.


Conservatory Application Window
Applications for the 2012-13 school year are being accepted until the May 15 at 3PM, Auditions/portfolio reviews will be done before 6/8. There will be no summer applications or auditions .
Cinema News and Honors
  • LA FILM FESTIVAL -- Two Envision Cinema films have been selected to premiere in the 18th annual Los Angeles Film Festival, June 14 to 24, 2012.  Whither from Above directed by Joshua Masters and Binary directed by Hunter Peterson both will be featured in the Future Filmmakers showcase at the LA Film Festival.  This is the second time CCA has been featured in this festival, one of the largest independent film festivals in the country that draws 90,000 people each year.   Other Envision Cinema students involved in the production of these films include Richard LiuAlexander PowellAlvin Lin, and Blake Johnston.
  • iVIE AWARDS -- The San Diego County Office of Education Innovative Video in Education (iVIE) program released nominees TODAY in it's K-12 iVIE student video festival.  This is the first year Envision Cinema has participated in this county-wide festival, and we have five videos nominated for awards: Broadcast Journalism Category -- CCA Spring Break produced by CCA-TV Staff, Fiction Category -- Detective John and James produced by Allan Duan, Richard Duan, and Alexander Au, Non-Fiction Category -- Jenna, produced by Jason Segal and Smiley Face, produced by Zac Brown, Jacob Morrison, and Jason Segal, and in the Video in the Classroom Teacher Category -- Haitian Hope: Field Hospital produced by Mark Raines and Envision Cinema Conservatory.  The winners are announced at the iVIE Awards at the San Diego Civic Theater on June 7th.  
  • NATIONAL YOUTH FILM FESTIVAL -- Bottles and Cans, an Envision Cinema Conservatory film, was selected to appear in the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY), the largest youth film festival in the world, receiving 700 entries into the 2012 Festival.  NFFTY was held in April in Seattle, Washington and featured films from 40 states and 22 countries.  CCA student filmmakers Joshua Masters, Richard Liu, Allan Duan, and Jennifer Smart produced this film about recycling.  
  • ANIMATION PROGRAM -- Envision Cinema Conservatory senior Adelyn Chan has been selected to participate in the California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA) Animated program this summer, http://www.csssa.org/.  Adelyn created the first two animated short films in our program history.  She will be majoring in Film and Media Studies and Art Practices at UC Berkeley next year. 
  • CCA FILM FESTIVAL -- Envision Cinema Conservatory is seeking submissions for it's 6th Annual CCA Student Film Festival.  Any CCA students may participate! The films must be 5 minutes or less in length in the following categories: Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Experimental, Music Video. A promotional flyer is attached to this email, along with an official submission form.  The form must be turned in with the film (as a QuickTime file on a DVD) by 3:15pm on Wednesday, May 9th in G201.  The CCA Student Film Festival is at 7pm on Saturday, May 19th, $10 for adults, $5 for students.
Coastal Communities Concert Band Salute to Young Musicians Honorees
CCA musicians Yenny Zhang (alto saxophon) and Claudia See (clarinet) were awarded scholarships as part of the CCCBand Salute to Young Musicians on 4/29. Claudia earned the Don Caneva Memorial Scholarship which includes an invitation to perform a concerto with the Coastal Communities Concert Band at next year's event.
Art In Auction-Balboa Park

This Sunday the Fine Arts Conservatory will be having their Art In auction and show in Spanish Village. If you are not familiar with Art In, the students stay on campus overnight and create works of art based on a common theme. This year's theme is "Rebirth". The students will be auctioning off their work as a fundraiser for the DFA Art Club. So, come on down to Balboa Park this Sunday from 9-4 and check out some amazing work! I'm sure you have a blank wall at home that could use some outstanding art as well.....

Film Festival Submissions

The Envision Film Festival call for submissions! Apply today!


Envision Theater Presents!

UNPEELED, an original theatre piece conceived and performed by eight Conservatory students, is a movement based piece with dialogue directed by guest artists Mary Reich and Anthony Luciano. Our students challenge us to step out of the box with this non-linear CCA creation.

OUR TOWN opens the following week in the Proscenium! The play that you think you know comes to resonate in the 21st Century in a profound way. Thornton Wilder's visionary play did for theatre what Picasso's Cubism did for painting and Joyce's stream of consciousness did for the novel. We invite you to see this radical play with new eyes on.

Art for New Media-Choose Your Own Adventure

Check out the Art for New Media students' recent work! The students have created Choose Your Own Adventure websites. Click HERE to start your own adventure!

Art In-Rebirth
Skateboard Project

The skateboard project is a collaboration with Photon Light Boards, a San Diego/National company and the finished boards will be on display in various galleries in San Diego and LA with the chance of the boards being bought and or reproduced by the skateboard company as a professional outlet for the students.

Watercolor Painting Art Seminar

Ms. Matthes is hosting an art seminar for DFA/EVA this Saturday at CCA in watercolor. The seminar is open to anyone (parents, student, friends) who would like to attend. The art teachers a donating their time for several seminars this Spring as a fundraiser for the art dept. It is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon, create a cool piece of art, and help out EVA/DFA!.

Seminar Description : Watercolor Painting Do your watercolors always blur and become muddy? End the frustration! Learn how to create fun and vibrant hues and textures in watercolor while avoiding common mistakes made in the medium. I will teach you dry brush, wet on wet,stretching paper, and wash techniques as well as how to use household items to create patterns and textures in your work. Please bring along a few close up detail photos to work from. I will also have a few drawn out for those who are beginners. Reference photos of flowers, insects, fish, still life objects, animals, simple landscapes, buildings, etc.will be easiest to work from. Email Jessica.matthes@sduhsd.net to sign up. Sat March 24th 12- 3 pm in M204 $30 per person (checks made out to CCA Foundation, memo DFA/EVA Envision)

Choir, Jazz Band, CCA Faculty Mr. V and Ms. Yates rock the house on Thursday, March 22, 7PM. This concert also features special guests Karl Denson (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe and the Greyboy All Stars) and Musician First Class, Mike Bogart (US Navy and Tower of Power) It promises to be a good time!
Student Films selected to be part of the LARGEST Youth Film Festival in the world

CCA's Envision Cinema Conservatory film"Bottles and Cans" has been selected to appear in the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) next month. CCA student filmmakers Joshua Masters, Richard Liu, Allan Duan, and Jennifer Smart produced the documentary short film on recycling in the Fall of 2011 as one of eight Envision Cinema Conservatory films produced that semester. "Bottles and Cans" is showcased in the NFFTY Earth category, featuring environment and social justice issues brought to light through films motivating awareness and positive change. The National Film Festival for Talented Youth, the largest youth film festival in the world, received nearly 700 entries into the 2012 Festival, which will be held April 26-29, 2012 in Seattle, Washington. Films have been submitted by filmmakers 22 and under, from 40 states and 22 countries. The filmmakers who submitted this year represent a cross-section of backgrounds and ages, with the youngest filmmaker being seven-years-old. Now in its sixth year, NFFTY has continued to grow year-after-year. Festival programmers are alsoexposed to insights about the voice and stories of this generation. This year, NFFTY is seeing similar story content about love, teen angst and coming of age and then darker subject matter about war, suicide and loss of hope, likely a reflection of the current state of the world. A sample of countries NFFTY received submissions from this year include: Armenia, Austria, Bahamas, Bulgaria, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Singapore, South Korea and more. After making the final selections, NFFTY expects to screen more than 200 films at thefestival in April. Last year, NFFTY drew more than 7,000 in attendance.

Raven Wishes Night

All Parents and Supporters of CCA Envision are invited to
Raven Wishes Night for Envision 
Tuesday March 6,
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
at the Del Mar Hilton (Jimmy Durante Blvd and Via de la Valle). 
Meet with teachers and administrators one-on-one, learn what is needed to keep CCA’s award-winning Envision programs on top, and make a donation to the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation for needed items. Any size donation small or large is appreciated. Admission is free. Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and parking will be provided.

Raven Wishes Boards will be on display featuring items supported by Foundation donations that are needed to provide faculty support and supplement all Envision day classes and Conservatories. The Envision Raven Wishes Night will feature all of the CCA Envision departments which include all classes that come under Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Theater, Dance, Digital/Fine Art, and Cinema.

Don't miss this important event if your child is in any of these classes:
Performing Arts, Acting, Drama, Musical Theater, Stagehand Technician, Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Recording Arts, Digital Composition, Rock Band, Choir, Dance, Jazz Modern Dance, Ballet, Dance Choreography, Drawing & Design, Painting, Sculpture, Art for New Media, Seminar in Art, AP Art History, AP Studio Art, Imaging, Digital Photography, Photo Imaging, Digital Media Production, Video Film, and Conservatory.

For those unable to attend the event, online or mail-in donations are welcome. To make a donation or to view the Raven Wish lists in advance, please visit http://www.canyoncrestfoundation.org/.

Kiss Me Kate

Cole Porter's "Kiss Me Kate" is opening soon-we are so excited to be opening the "Pit" for the first time at CCA. Enjoy this time lapse video (CLICK HERE) of the unveiling of the "Pit" by the Tech Theater students and staff. Tickets for Kiss Me Kate are available HERE, or at the Finance Office.

Back to School Night
Join us next week to learn about the exciting curriculum, projects and events happening 2nd Term. There is NEVER a dull moment with Envision! The Back to School night information can be found HERE.
Envision Guest Artist to show at Sundance-AGAIN!

Envision Cinema Guest Artist Destin Cretton's first festure film, "I Am Not A Hipster," is premiering this month at the Sundance Film Festival.  Cretton works with the Envision Cinema day classes and Envision Cinema Conservatory at CCA.  This is his fifth year working at our school.  Destin previously won the Jury Prize at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival for the short film "Short Term 12."  You can watch a preview of the new film here.  Also, Envision Cinema Guest Artist Brad Kester was a second unit director on "I Am Not A Hipster," and served as an assistant director on "Short Term 12." This is Brad's first year working at CCA. 

A short story about the feature film and it's music is featured in the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine:HERE and in Wired: HERE

Seasons-Now playing at CCA

Envision Dance presents a celebration of dance arts in cycles. Get your tickets online, at the Finance Office or at the door.

Envision Musicians accepted to ALL STATE Honor Groups
Congratulations to Julia Schorn, Harp, for being accepted into the All State Honor Orchestra and to Harold Chun, clarinet, and Ashkan Shahbandi, alto saxophone, for being accepted into the All State Bands. They will perform with talented students from all over the state in Fresno in February as part of the California Music Educators Conference.
Dec. 10 Envision Festival of the Arts

An all day Envision celebration-get your tickets today


Conservatory Applications are Available NOW-due 12/9
The current Conservatory Application Window is now open. Applications are due December 9. Download yours HERE. If you are applying to more than one Conservatory, you MUST fill out an application for each one. Applications may be turned in at Reception in the Main Office. No late applications will be accepted.
Cinema Students Named MTV Global Correspondents
CCA-TV staff members and Envision Cinema seniors Hunter Peterson and Jason Segal have been handpicked to be part of MTV International Founding Global Correspondents, a highly competitive pool of talented individuals to selected to help MTV craft, build and define an entirely new, entirely original project. The correspondents are a diverse group ranging from 17-29 year olds, representing 12 different countries and over 30 different states/regions. All the videos, articles and photo/visual captions created by Hunter, Jason, and the other correspondents will be translated into four different languages and featured on MTV properties worldwide for a global audience.
Photos from the Envision Guest Artist Showcase
In case you missed the great presentation from our talented guest artists, here is a sampling of the show. Information about the Guest Artists that work with Envision students in both Day Classes and Conservatory can be found by clicking this link. Guest Artists are funded through the CCA Foundation. Photo credits-Trevor Coooper Photography
Envision Box Office is Open
Click on the Events tab on the left to access our online ticketing agent for Envision shows, performances and presentations or click directly on this link
Envision Cinema Conservatory Student wins Adobe Design Contest

Hunter Peterson, an Envision Cinema Conservatory senior, won the $10,000 prize in the first round of the Abode Imagination Challenge. Hunter plans to donate $1,000 of his winnings to the Envision Cinema Conservatory program. Another Cinema Conservatory student, Joshua Masters is in the second finalist round of the competition. He also plans to donate a percentage of the prize to Conservatory if he wins. To read more about the competition and Hunter's award go to:  

Envision Needs YOU!
Envision volunteers keep our program running! Please consider volunteering at our performances and events are looking for volunteers! Many volunteers are needed to run concessions, ticketing and will-call. It is a great community of people working together to celebrate the artistry and energy of our students. Join the team! Email CCABoxOffice@yahoo.com to get started.
Envision Guest Artist Showcase, Oct. 6
Our amazing guest artists present and perform their works for the public-come check out this FREE presentation of some of the finest teachers/artists in San Diego County and beyond.
Digital/Fine Art Seminars, Oct. 1
DFA teachers will be leading Art Seminars open to the public on Saturday, October 1. Check back soon for a schedule and menu of seminar offerings.
Envision Dance Summer Fun!

CCA had our first annual Envision Dance Summer Workshop, and it was a huge success!  Over 30 dancers came to campus to sweat it out in July.  Class began at 10 am, with Ericka Moore, one of CCA's staple Guest Artists.  Ericka taught a Jazz/Hip-Hop fusion class.  Dancers quickly switched gears and took ballet from Robyn Shiffren, who is well-known and loved throughout the San Diego dance community.  Robyn also teaches at CCA on a regular basis and will be providing intense ballet training to Conservatory Dancers throughout the Spring Semester.  After ballet, Rayna Stohl, CCA's Dance Coordinator, offered a tricks and inversions class, where dancers crafted their upside down skills, and some conquered fears while learning the art of combining gymnastics with dance.  The day concluded with another staple Guest Artist, Erica Buechner.  Erica concentrated on the art of improvisation and also spent a day teaching the dancers about strength training.  Rayna plans on making this summer workshop a staple at CCA, and the workshop will go hand in hand with a performance opportunity next summer.

Dance Conservatory also put on its own concert, "Unbreakable Threads," in July, at the Vine, a performance space located at the Bernardo Winery.  Dance Alumni as well as graduates of the 2010/2011 year presented works, alongside Rayna, for an evening of intimate and memorable dance.  This, again, was a first-time experience, and Rayna looks forward to making this a yearly contribution to dance at CCA.
2011-12 Conservatory Applications are now available
Click HERE for yours! Applications are due August 18. Auditions/Portfolio reviews will take place before the start of school. For more information about the Conservatory Program, check out this link, or speak with the Discipline Coordinator for the Conservatory in which you are interested.
James and Sabrina take the show on the road
Students in Michael's Schwartz's Children''s Theater class created an original Children's play, "The Adventures of James and Sabrina" and traveled to local elementary schools, presenting their work for 1st grade students at Edison Elementary School. You can see this original play in the Black Box Theater on Friday at 4PM, or Saturday at either 11 AM or 2 PM
EVA and Envision Film Festival
Join us this weekend, Saturday, May 21 for the Envision Art Show and Film Festival. Tickets are available HERE. In addition to seeing the culmination of our students' work this year, Envision Cinema is also raising funds to help support the schools in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, that were devastated by last month's tornados. Click HERE for information on how you can help.
Student Accepted to Reel Voices 2011
Congratulations to Film Maker, Alex Powell, for his acceptance into the summer long Reel Voices class. This a program is run through the San Diego Asian Film Foundation. students are led through the documentary filmmaking process, working with members of the film industry to create a documentary, from start, through post-production and editing.
2011-12 Conservatory Applications are now available
Click HERE for yours! Applications are due August 18. Auditions/Portfolio reviews will take place before the start of school. For more information about the Conservatory Program, check out this link, or speak with the Discipline Coordinator for the Conservatory in which you are interested.
Canyon Crest Academy wins Grammy Signature School Enterprise Award
The Envision Music Program was awarded a $5,500 grant from the Grammy Foundation. Thirty Six schools in the country were awarded grants based on their program strength, depth and achievement. The Enterprise Grant will partially fund our Gamelan program and help to pay for our new Gamelan Orchestra instruments and to help ensure the program's longevity at CCA.
March 30, Art-IN Auction
Join the DFA Conservatory students, teachers and families in THE NEST anytime from 3:00 to 7:30pm for the 4th Annual Conservatory Art Auction, Wednesday, March 30. The talented DFA Conservatory students will be showcasing all the amazing artwork created during the Art-In. There will be over 35 paintings for sale, via silent auction, 100% of the proceeds go directly back into DFA Conservatory. There will be live music and tasty food for sale....COME CHECK IT OUT. (It's free to attend!)
Envision Cinema honored at 2011 Best Fest America: 48 hours of Madness
A CCA Envision Cinema Conservatory team was one of only two high school teams honored at the 2011 Best Fest America 48 Hours of Madness Festival. Catie Ellwood, Olivia Klatch, Jacob Morrison, Jesse Ostroff, and Sam Sarokin received Honorable Mention for their adaptation of the short film script "Ghost in the Machine." Teams have 48 hours during one weekend (March 11th-13th) to produce a film based on a script provided. All the competing films were shown at Ultra Star Cinemas Hazard Center Mission Valley on Sunday, March 27th. Watch the winning CCA entry HERE.
4th Annual Art-IN
The 4th annual Art-In is March 18th and 19th. This special event has become an very important piece of the DFA Conservatory. This talented and dedicated group of students stay on campus overnight and each create a painting in a mere 20 hours. The Art-In raises fund for Conservatory's supplies, it’s an amazing bonding experience for students, and it’s a great challenge for personal creativity.  The theme for this year's Art In is cycles!
CCA Wind Ensemble to perform with the Dallas Brass this Sunday
The Rancho Santa Fe Community Concert Series is sponsoring this amazing partnership. The Dallas Brass are a world renowned brass quintet that tour internationally with a rhythm section. The Wind Ensemble has been invited to perform with them. Students will also receive a clinic, rehearse with these professionals and see a fantastic concert! For tickets and more information, click HERE.
Envision Cinema Students Start their own Filmaking Business
Envision cinema students, and masters of CCA-TV take their educational partnership to the private sector. They have established their own film company, Cinema 595. Click HERE to read more about it!
Dance/Vocal Music collaboration-REBEL
REBEL, a collaboration between Anne Whattoff and Rayna Stohl, will premiere on May 26th and 27th in the CCA Proscenium Theater. Shows are at 4 and 7 pm. This show is a look at the concept of "Rebel," specifically female rebels, within our world. This concept is an issue close to both Ms. Whattoff's and Rayna's heart, and we both look forward to sharing our journey with the community.
Envision Teachers, Staff and Parents celebrate Envision and raise funds!

Envision's Raven Wish Night was a smashing success! Thank you to all the wonderful patrons of the Arts and Envision that came out to support our "FUNdraiser". With your help, we raised over $7000 for the Envision program. Click HERE for media coverage of our event!

Art Seminars-open to the public
Envision Art teachers are offering public art workshops on Thursday March 10 (Photography) and Saturday, March 12 (Drawing, Watercolor, and Mixed Media). Parents, students and community members are invited to join our faculty in a 2 hour workshop. All proceeds benefit Envision. Click HERE for more information.
Cinema students enter PSA contest-help them advance!

Advanced Video/Film students in Envision Cinema have created three summer reading library PSA's as part of a statewide library competition, thanks to Terri Glausser.  The three videos that receive the most "like" votes on YouTube will then be judged by a state committee.  The top choice of that committee will represent California at the national competition.  Please go to the below site and click "like" on any or all of our three videos listed below.  Please also encourage your friends and family to vote as well.  

Vote for You Are Here-CA-R Liu, You Are Here-CA-S Engel, You Are Here-CA-N Nasirpour  

Chess Tickets now on sale
Get your tickets now for our 3 night Chess event! April 1-3. This Concert version of the musical, Chess, involves Envision Dance, Choir, Orchestra, members of Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, and Symphonic Band, and an all star cast-all under the baton of guest conductor, Brian Kohn.
Envision Wish Night at Tommy V's
The CCA Foundation invites all CCA parents to the next fabulous Wish List FUNdraiser at Tommy V’s Italian Chophouse (3790 Via de la Valle, Del Mar 92014, www.TommyVDelMar.com). Join the fun with CCA Parents and your student’s Teachers on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 from 5:30 - 7:30 PM. Raise money for Envision Teachers' wish lists to meet their needs for the coming semester. Complimentary Appetizers! Free Drawing for Prizes! Stay for dinner that night and 15% goes to CCAF! For complete information, download the Envision Raven Wishes Night Brochure.
Audition Based Classes
Information for Audition-only courses will be available shortly. This includes Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Guitar (Rock Band), Intermediate Dance, Jazz/Modern and Ballet classes. Stay tuned for audition dates and requirements! Make sure to choose an elective in your discipline of choice as a placeholder if your audition is later than your scheduling forms are due!
Envision Music Student to Perform at the Grammy Awards
Drummer, David James (junior) will play as part of the televised Grammy Awards this Sunday, 2/13. David participated in a national search and was selected 1 of two high school drummers in the country to play at the 2011 Grammy Awards. He is spending this week in rehearsals working with top music industry leaders and is representing Canyon Crest Academy at the 2011 Grammy Awards. David will be playing as part of the High School Jazz Combo. Tune in on Sunday to see David perform live!
Envision Cinema Program in the Carmel Valley News
Hunter Peterson and "The NorthGuard Project" are featured in this week's Carmel Valley News-Click HERE for the full story. Students' films, including "The NorthGuard Project", will be shown at the CCA Film Festival and entered in many other County and State Festivals.
Festival of the Arts!
Congratulations to all the participants from this year's Festival of the Arts. This was the most well attended FOTA to date. It was great to have support of the NEST and all the parent volunteers who helped bring this annual event to fruition. If you missed this year's FOTA, there are many more opportunities to see and hear the Envision students at work. Check the Events page for upcoming showings and performances.
New Envision Website Unveiled
We've got a brand new look! Explore the new Envision website. We hope you find the new site informative and user-friendly. Tell us what you think! Email us your questions and comments.
Choices Night-Wednesday, Jan 12, 6:30 at CCA
Prospective Students and Parents are encouraged to attend CCA's Choices Night to learn more about all the great programs offered at CCA. Envision Program Coordinators will be on hand in M100 to talk about the program and answer questions that you might have. If you can't attend Choices Night, we hope that you use this website as a resource and contact the Program Coordinator of the arts discipline that interests you with any further questions.

Event Spotlight


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Senior Thesis: One Act Plays

May 23-24, 4 and 7PM


Pageant of the Ravens
EVA Art Show and Chili Cook-off

May 24, beginning at 4PM


Spring Concert Series

May 27 and 28


CCA Film Festival

May 30, 7PM


Dance Senior Thesis: Revolve

June 5 and 6, 4 and 7PM

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